Welcome to Mike Geary’s “The Truth About Abs” Review!


Does it really helps?


Well, the answer is YES! How? Ok, here’s how: First of all this book is not like a magic wand that if you buy this one and point to your abs and say the magic word and “BAM” you have a beautiful abs!, man its not that. This ebook details the types of workouts that you can put on if you really want to get hard strong abs, the type of which all the ladies love to adore. So, The truth About Abs can help you here.


This book will guide you and can help you out. What you get from this book is tons of information that can help in several different ways such as:


– How you eat properly

– Information on crunches and cardio

– Information on wrong exercise

– Getting your core into shape

– Nutrition


Those are some points only from his book but there’s a lot more. I honestly never heard of Mike Geary or his book before so I was a bit skeptical about the program overall, but after hearing a recommendation from a friend for the program I decided to go ahead and bought one for myself. Anyway, you dont have to depend everything on the book, you have to eat some Healthy recipes that needed with your body.

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