It’s been two months now since I bought Mike Geary’s book “The Thuth About Abs”, well, so far so good, i’m adopting his system quietly. The only thing is that the workouts mentioned on his book it’s killing me.(smile)

I think it’s normal for  a guy whose 92 kilograms doing those exercises, yeah! i’m a bit overweight. Ive been doing workouts for the past 2 years but can’t see results for myself, I don’t know it could be my diet that’s why I can’t see some good results. I tried almost everything from diet pills to some nasty herbal diet teas and nothing happens.(smile) So, when a friend introduce this book to me I bought it right away.

Mike Geary system is good for those who determined to loss some fats and for those who love to pop-up their abs. The most important thing if your doing some body building or workout exercises is that you are consistent to do the hard work and very determined to reach your goal, even if you purchase this book and after you sleep then there’s no use.

Number 1 factor also is the poor eating hapits and lack of knowledge for proper nutrition, that is why some of the guys into fitness business never achieved their goal. Being healthy is the secretof everybody’s life. So start your healthy diet with good recipes no folks. Be strong, active and healthy!



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